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About us

Who are we?

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How JUNGLO is born

junglo story

We decided to launch a new type of shoe one day after surfing at Kuta Reef.⁠ Hot and humid, albeit breezy, sand ... when we step into our shoes we realise how uncomfortable, heavy they were, design and concept form the last century, never updated

Remake the sneaker.

remake the sneaker

Convinced that wearing shoes should be easy and pleasant, we redesigned the sneaker. Comfortable as a loafer, light as a feather, and as pleasant as being in slippers. You need a shoe to wear without problems, in any environment and circumstance ... Now it exists!



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Junglo team


junglo lead
The founder.

With 30+ years of experience in the footwear market, and several start-ups behind him, our founder wants to bring comfort within reach, and a wallet for everyone.


Junglo man
Pedant eclectic dude.

Migratory bird, hermit-crab, surfer. His long experience in design and communication enlightens us here at JUNGLO Brand.


Junglo concrete
From the Po Valley concrete jungle.

Where the fog is your friend, our marketing expert adds indispensable pieces to our structure, often before taking the children to school.


Junglo fresh
The force.

The power and freshness of the new generation is a precious asset here at JUNGLO. Sharp and quick, the boy is our source for not repeating the past.