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Walking light

Sneakers Junglo super leggere adatte per camminare

You will feel like you are flying in these lightweight vegan shoes

Lightweight canvas walking shoes are versatile, affordable, and low maintenance, making them a great everyday shoe to complement your wardrobe.

That said, some of the best canvas walking shoes come with brittle soles that wear out quickly.

The best canvas shoes have lightweight yet supportive rubber soles that ensure comfort, whether you're taking a stroll along the boardwalk or wearing them during the work day.

Here are some characteristics common to the best walking shoes:

caratteristiche delle scarpe vegane Junglo


When people think of canvas shoes, they usually imagine shoes with a simple and spartan design, rather uncomfortable. Shoes made with a conception belonging to the last century, classics for sure but certainly not comfortable for your feet.

When we thought about shoes Junglo we tried to combine the practicality of canvas, a natural fiber that does not derive from animals, with a super light and comfortable running sole.

The style is minimalist, simple, a simplicity that allows you to wear the Junglo sneaker every day and in every environment.

Da mettere con o senza calze, con appropriata soletta in sughero


Shoes with thicker soles offer more cushioning for your feet. You need shoes with solid but light rubber soles that do not deteriorate over time.

Depending on their cut, high or low at the ankle, you may be able to slip on canvas shoes without socks or they may require extra fabric support to prevent blisters.

All shoes Junglo they have a cork insole, a natural material that does not sweat the feet and completely washable. This insole has a double rubber reinforcement to guarantee you the most comfortable and light shoes to walk for a long time.

Junglo sneaker in tela con suola adatta ad ogni terreno

How to wash shoes

Perhaps the best part about cotton canvas shoes is how easy they are to clean, which means you can get them dirty without fear.

Cleaning stains with cold detergent will do the job but, if that's not enough, Junglo canvas shoes can be machine washed, with a delicate cycle and without spinning.