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Comfy shoes, happy feet

A shoe must be comfortable and light, able to offer you the right support, lightness and breathability.

It's no secret that finding the perfect pair of shoes makes you feel great.

If they're the right style, fit and look, chances are you'll love wearing them for a long time.

However, sometimes the shoes you particularly like are not as comfortable as you would like.

What makes shoes comfortable, especially are there comfortable shoes for difficult feet?

The most important factor for the comfort of the shoe is the design, in particular the padding, the sole and its fit.

When looking for comfortable shoes you need to consider these details:

  • Inner lining
  • Inner sole
  • Space inside the shoe (especially around the toes)
  • Sole

This applies if you are looking for comfortable work shoes or a pair of sneakers to wear every day.

Why is it important to wear comfortable shoes?

Wearing comfortable shoes is important if you are on your feet for long periods. Wearing uncomfortable shoes instead can lead to common foot problems, including:

  • blisters
  • problems with the arch of the foot
  • gait problems

By wearing shoes that fit well and offer enough space for your toes, you are less likely to risk redness on your feet.

Especially in summer, the internal construction of the shoe and the insole are those characteristics that make the shoe pleasant to wear.

How to choose comfortable shoes

Here are the features to look out for when looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Inner lining

Ideally, the padding level of the shoe should be sufficient to prevent the feet from rubbing, without restricting their movement.

If you're looking for men's shoes or women's flat shoes, look for padding around the ankle, sides of the foot, and top of the foot. These areas are typically the most vulnerable to soreness and blistering, so extra padding will help ensure the shoe's comfort.

Inner sole

Soletta interna

The insoles provide a cushioned surface for your feet throughout the day.

When we drew the shoes Junglo we thought of creating a cork insole, a natural, breathable and washable material.

The insole is in cork in the upper part, in contact with the foot, while in soft natural rubber in the lower part, in order to guarantee you the necessary support without sacrificing comfort.

Scarpe vegan Junglo - Soletta imbottita

The lower part of the insole is made of soft rubber and offers ideal support for the feet

Junglo - Scarpe vegan comode e leggere - soletta ammortizzante

Space inside the shoe

The main reason people suffer when wearing shoes is that they haven't chosen the right size. If you are unsure of your correct shoe size, have your feet measured.

When you try on shoes, you should have enough space to move your toes slightly. If you can't move your toes at all, the shoes are too tight and may eventually cause pain.

This is an important point to keep in mind when choosing comfortable shoes.

Arrivando dal mondo del surf sappiamo benissimo quanto sia importante potere controllare i propri piedi e farli sentire comodi e liberi! - Scarpe comode per piedi difficili - Junglo

For the shoes Junglo, we have always taken into consideration the fact that the feet should have room to move freely inside the shoe. Not too much, just the right.

Scarpe Junglo con sughero traspirante - perfette per chi le mette senza calze


The sole must be stable but soft at the right point. Choosing a rubber sole with a minimum thickness of 2cm will provide cushioning between your foot and the hard surface you are walking on.

In addition to this, the sole will have to guarantee you the right traction and protection, especially when you walk on uneven ground.

The vegan shoes Junglo they offer you a soft and very light sole, inspired by running, made of natural rubber and easily washable with cold water and soap.

Scarpe Junglo - Suola running comoda e leggera